A room of her own.

Money (Financial Independence), A room of her own (Agency), Writing (Vocation/Work/identity) are three tenets that are important when it comes to women asserting their place in society.

Fluid Bodies

There was something poetic about our bodies.

The Choice of Vulnerability

The choice to be vulnerable with your life and work isn’t an easy one to make. But from what I’ve observed, it’s the distinction between the ones who do vs the one’s who think of doing. And it is easy to underestimate your village— the ones behind who push, prod and cheer you on. The…

The Vagina Dialogue: You Never Forget Your First

It is possible you remember your first orgasm with fear or trembling. Your muscles might have been clenched and quaking in ecstasy or you were wondering “na die be this?” It might have been from reading a steamy romance novel, beneath the hands of a skilled lover or just something as random as the vibrations…

Introducing: The Vagina Dialogue

Women’s sexuality for centuries has been treated as something dangerous, something to suppress and something to be controlled. Vagina Dialogues is a series where conversations are held on the real-life sexual experiences of women, safe sex practices, sexual and reproductive health and rights.