What happens when the personal becomes political?

 Welcome to my slice of the internet! I am pleased to have you here and I hope you stay.My journey to starting this blog was riddled with a lot of procrastination, self-doubt and meditation. This is my 4th blog in the last 4 years but this is what I've always envisioned a blog I run... Continue Reading →


Dear Fraud: A tale of Impostor Syndrome

*First published on September 2017*Today, the cloud was angry in Bauchi. First, she fumed and sulked in the morning, throwing tantrums; threatening us with thunder and lightning. When I chose to ignore her and get much needed air outside — after being cooped up in my apartment — she bristled at my pertinence and wept. She must have... Continue Reading →

23: Losing Discontent.

Someone asked me on my birthday "how does 23 feel?" I replied "A little content." For a long time, I've been hungry. I've wanted so much that seemed like it was taking too long or just out of my grasp. I've felt displaced no matter the progress I saw and this has often worried the... Continue Reading →

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